Wavetable synthesis

just ported an advanced wavetable patch from extended into vanilla. It literally took 5 days to convert and get working

the video quality is low but it’s the audio i care about.

i have used wavetables for years but i wanted a concrete definition:


Step 2
Stripping the bride of her suitors :slight_smile:
removing any excess visual data to save processing power

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Looks like a beauty of a synth :smile:

as Albedo0.39v1

3 DCOs
with wavetable selection
Pink Noise [brown/chaos to follow]
Filter Inversion
Randomization over DCO amplitude/Pitch & Filter frequency
FM Synthesis
MIDI Clock &
CONTROL [advanced midi control over other extended features] CC80-87 have special functions

Here’s the test for MIDI sync to a Korg minilogue & a Novation Circuit
Korg is controlling Master Clock and Novation is sending notes into organelle~

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