What's the ideal way of using Sampler24?

Hi all, I’ve been spending more time in ORAC lately, but I struggle to use Sampler24 effectively.

I’m wondering what the ideal use case is for this module. Since each key is a looping drum pattern, is the most common scenario that you’d simply choose one drum pattern and loop it? I know I can shorten the release so that each sample can play a bit more like a one-shot — or I could just replace the sound files with one-shots — but I’m also curious if there are better ways of using the module as-is that I’m not catching on to. What’s the benefit of looping each key?

I swear, next time I have a good chunk of free time I’m going to get into PD so I can get into converting more modules for ORAC to give something back to the Organelle community <3

if you use one shot, there’s a Sampler24 1shot module on patchstorage

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Thank you! I’d come across that as well. I’m mostly just curious if Sampler24 was kind of designed to be used in a particular way that I’m not using it. Since I personally tend to find one-shots more useful than loops, I’m wondering how people are using the Sampler24 loops and what the benefits are.

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