Hi everyone,

I had asked this before but it got lost in the discussion.

I used to use Wii controllers to play certain instruments on the laptop. Is there any way I can use the Wii controllers with the Organelle?


Thereotically yes, you would need a (suppported) Bluetooth adapter, and then cwiid , then a way (external?) to interface to your patches.
Probably not that difficult , just a bit of fiddling about :slight_smile:

sorry, I don’t have a wiimote, so cant give you specifics, or test in advance - perhaps find a local developer who can help you.

yes certainly
you will need to pair the device and the libs @TTB mentions cwiid and then i have a bunch of patches from when the doo-hickey came out it’s not that great for quite alot of work
you basically get pitch yaw & roll just use the accelerometer code from RJDJ/mobmuplat it’s more stable and fun

I’ve used this some years ago, it worked quite well : https://github.com/urbanlab/wii2osc