Wishlist / New ideas for patches

I would love a looper that works like a Tyme Safari or PhonGene… Variable pitch knob, reverse, variable start/end points and overdub… Add a filter and it would be amazing! Also to be able to monitor while sampling…

There are a couple of patches that are super close but are missing some features…


a four track “tape loop” machine. 4 (or more with aux) .wav files (10-20 seconds for example but point is they can each be whatever length you want, they aren’t dependent upon eachother and will loop separately) are loaded to each knob respectively. The knobs would run from negative whatever through to its positive match controlling playback direction and pitch. Turn knob1 to the left and .wav1 “tape loop” begins to play in reverse at an increasing rate until you’ve reached maximum reverse. Turn knob1 forward and .wav1 “tape loop” beings to increase forward the same way. .wavs would loop Once they reached their end (forward or reverse). Knobs could even also simulatenously be a preset effect wet/dry such as reverb or phaser algorithms. The Keyboard would add another pitch relative to whatever pitch knobs currently are but to the whole output…or keyboard could be differing delay steps and effects so you can play keys along with knob loops


A simple one song at a time stereo input .wav DAW with the ability to overdub additional
Tracks or overdub (and live record) mastering effects such as compression, Eq, reverb, etc (effects controlled by knobs - 1 effect algorithm per knob), as well as save the new edited .wav file directly to organelle. Point is though the patch would need to be able to recognize different storage devices and send processed .wav song to said device ( in my case an octatrack ). Organelle would need to recognize and display octatrack sample folder and allow me to transfer over USB the .wav back to octatrack. I would want to record one-shot backing tracks using organelle instead of computer As well as whole songs without having to use computer to transfer back to octatrack or to master and ready for bandcamp.


Using two or more organelles- a patch that loads the same sequence to as many organelles as are involved. By USB connecting all organelles together, knobs would control different randomizing effects of the other organelles ouputs/sequence. So a band
Of three or eight or whatever could do a jam on the same sequence but be in a constant state of “confusion” because the knobs are controlling preset randomized effects of everyone else’s organelle output except your own. Keys could be a sample player or a synth or even add effects to your own organelle?


Also started a new topic…but swarmatrons y’all? how does that poll?


I’d love a Harpsichord patccccchhhhhhhhuuuu


Kaleidoloop patch!

I’d also like to see a patch like the simple sampler but where the keys toggle on and off looping.

Hey Zach. I just posted my first draft of a swarmatron patch here: Swarmatron patch?

Let me know what you think.


Hey I just moved into a new house and didn’t have wifi for a month but it’s awesome I also checked out the updates you’ve done thank you so much!!

Is there a way to use a guitar as a controller for the mellowtron patch?

i’m hoping to port some sort of wah (inspired by metasonix f2 and the auto wah in sp404s)
an extended form of mtl.asm ct5’s mode 3 is a goal but i think some of the existing loopers overlap so i’ll test those first

reading up and listening to carefully to discern what makes these work

if anybody has already done something similar in pd
let me know

Hey Guys. My name is Chris, and I just got my Organelle. I. Am. Stoked!

For me, it was between The Hologram Dream Sequencer Pedal and the Organelle, and my mind reasoned that the Organelle should be able to pull of something very much like the pedal, so… what do you guys think? Do-able? Stay away? I am willing to get my hands dirty if need be of course but I am very new to pd. I made a Mellotron clone to playback samples with a tutorial, but that’s about the extent of it. What do you guys think?


Hey, new to the forum, I’ve got an organelle on its way :slight_smile: would be dope if it can approximate the Dream Sequence Pedal. Did anyone try it? I need to look at learning PD pronto.


That’s two votes for dream sequence functionality… any big, strong, SUPER-genius coders out there AWESOME enough to handle the task? :smiley:


Dont have my unit yet so I’m not sure what’s already out there. But a basic sampler with time stretch options and loop function would be useful.

A patch that allowed -

Record/import a sample.
Trim sample.
Play it chromatically along the keys. Polyphonically.
Play it chromatically and have all pitches stretch to same length as original sample. To avoid the obvious chipmunk thing.
Option to Latch the sample to loop. With or without timestrech.
Option to sync the timestretch to bpm/midi.

I could sell my Microsampler if this got made and I could store individual samples as separate presets inside the patch :slight_smile: Not sure what’s possible/not possible yet tho. Maybe this is beyond the Organelle CPU/UI?

My wishlist:


Patch Idea:

“Patch Mixer”!

Imagine if you made a nasty beat with say Pow Pow’s Polybeats for example, and wanted to keep the beat playing while you switched to another patch to lay a bassline down underneath it…

just an idea, for a Pure Data expert…


Ooh OOH!! and an ability to reverse samples too!! heh heh while making a pattern.

AND… imagine if the 4 assignable knobs had a way to do double duty, say if you assigned one of the keys to switch to a second layer of knob commands… does this make sense?

[quote=“sufurnamrehs, post:28, topic:268”]
imagine if the 4 assignable knobs had a way to do double duty, say if you assigned one of the keys to switch to a second layer of knob commands… does this make sense?
[/quote]yeah it does make sense

i’ve gotta remember which ones but there are a few existing that flip parameter pages with the aux button

Really?! post back when you find out, curious

juno 104 is one of em

you could open that patch and figure out how, then apply the feature in your own