ZOIA & Arpeggio Synth Midi BPM

So I have the Arp Synth running into my ZOIA. Turing Machine works great. But for some reason when I select the Arp Synth or a few other patches, the bpm on the Organelle jumps around. Anyone know of a reason this might be happening?

is the zoia sending any midi out back to the organelle?

Nope. Or at least I don’t have it programmed to right now. I also know it doesn’t have a midi clock out function. Just a midi clock in.

does the arp-patch display “midi” next to the BPM, because if so it’s definitely receiving midi clock messages and if you haven’t hooked up anything else to your Organelle it must coming from your ZOIA…

You sure? I don’t own a ZOIA but having an internal clock source seems to me like a really basic functionality.

It does say midi beside. That’s weird then. I’m part of a zoia group on fb. And Steve Braggs, the head guy of empress, just posted in there recently how they were going to be adding a midi clock out module in the next firmware update. But it does it even if I have no modules set on an effect. So maybe Zoia is causing some kinda feedback loop?

Well, something in the ZOIA must be sending a MIDI clock message. Maybe a sequencer, (or any other module with a tempo control)?

Well, in general you can get midi loops, but never seen that happen with MIDI clock… :man_shrugging:
Depending on the clock setting (internal or external) a device will block sending or receiving midi-clock-messages. Can you access midi options on the ZOIA? Look for option where you can switch between internal and external clock.

I would think it could be a sequencer or a tap tempo control too, but it will do it even when there are no modules selected. Like on a blank patch.

The only midi options in the main settings of the zoia are midi channel. But I do think you’re right. Zoia is likely sending something or causing some issue.

Default clock speed may explain this (especially if you get 120bpm)

What you could try is only connecting the MIDI out from your ZOIA to the Organelle and see if you still get a MIDI clock signal and thereby ruling out any strange MIDI loop.

@bomboy Do you have connections from Zoia MIDI Out–>Organelle as well as Organelle–> Zoia MIDI In? Does Zoia have midi thru?

Yup! Still getting them. Gotta be an issue on the Zoia side. Had a few other people comment in the group saying they’ve had similar issues. I guess it does have an internal midi clock. There’s just no way to access it yet. :man_shrugging:

I do. I haven’t seen an option for midi through yet. Zoia can be fairly open ended though. So who knows. I’ll messaged the support staff at empress. Hopefully they’ll know what’s goin on.

C&G metro will always send out midi clock, this causes loops when using usb ( or din if back to source)

I’ve recently changed this in Orac in clock module , so it’s now optional.

You could do the same with other patches.

(I had the same issue with Squarp Hermod)