3rd Party Externals with Organelle


I am curious if one can add externals to Organelle that are not included in pd Vanilla?
Also what is the Distro of the Linux that it runs upon?

Can i compile .pd_linux files to work with the version of Pd it runs?
What is the version of Pd that is included with the Organelle?



Sure, this is possible. Organelle runs Arch Linux, and the build toolchain is installed so you can compile externals right on the device.

A while ago we compiled all the Pd-Extended externals, so you can download and use them too:

Awww, you guys are the best.

this is awesome news.
I have an interest in a few specific libraries that were in pd-extended so i am curious.
I have learned that Organelle runs pd with Arch linux. Is it safe to assume one can compile externals ourselves or is there something extra or special required?

You can compile your own:

sweet i am going to look at arch linux today and see what the distro looks like
this is awesome. my Organelle should be here today so i am getting excited

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Also what i meant is adding pre-compiled external.pd_linux files.
can the user add external.pd_linux files to the extra folder on the Organelle?

You can have .pd_linux externals right in your patch folder. Pd will always look for them there. There is also a folder on the root file system (boot disk, the SD card on the back) where Pd looks for externals, but it is usually preferable to just put them in the desired patch folder to keep all resources your patch needs in one place. For example check out the Drummy patch and you will see the freeverb.pd_linux in there with the other files.

Sweet that was what i was hoping for and i have been working on a folder just like that today. I think i am going to make a BBCut based granular drum kit with Reverb and a moog filter but i am not sure where to grab any documentation related to making my first patch. Did i miss it completely on here? i don’t see a how to but admittedly i have been pouring over harddrives looking for some conversion candidates :slight_smile:

can you tell me the best patch for MIDI BPM and Aux button buffer record?

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