Adding objects to "path" menu in Pd on the Organelle

Hi great people!
I’ve search in the forum, but didn’t came up with an answer.

Is it possible to add a path folder with self-made externals in the Organelle?
I’ve tried the following:

  1. create a new folder named “MySubs” in the Patches folder
  2. Create an external directly in the Organelle, saving it in the “MySubs” folder
  3. Added the “MySubs” folder into the Pd Preferences -> Path…
  4. Colsed Pd and reopned it
  5. Create a new patch and tried to use the external I created as a new object but didn’t work

The console says that it’s “Read-only file system”.

my point is to avoid to copy-paste a self-made external to every patch I’m going to create to avoid redundancy.
Thanks for the help and sorry if this is a redundant post.

The Pd preferences can’t save, since it’s trying to save to the system partition, which is mounted read-only. You can make it writeable using a script in /home/music/fw_dir/scripts/, but I think in the first place you should rather be adding your externals to each patch, since this makes them shareable with others in the community. :slight_smile:

But if you don’t plan on ever sharing, then the script should do the trick. Just run it once, save the Pd preferences, and then forget about it. In theory.

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generally, Id not recommend adding paths to the pd preferences file,
since an upgrade to the OrganelleOS will likely overwrite .pdsettings.

its also not really needed…
a) in the pd patch you can just declare a directory to be used for externals
b) create a pd-opts.txt file and add the directory as a command line param

I tend to use (a) as i want to ship the external with the patch when sharing with others.
(even if this means I have a few duplications of the same external… but thats not necessary bad, as they may be different versions!)

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Thanks for the feedback guys, from your replies it really makes sense to have the externals in every patch instead having them into the system!