Alpha-numeric Keyboard compatibility; Mac

FINALLY getting the pieces together for live patch editting. Tested out my Mac usb keyboard but it must follow a non compatible layout; direct and through a usb Hub the Organelle did not receive input.

Looking forward to testing functionality with a 10" Adafruit monitor :smile:
Off to the usb junkyard for a low tech usb keyboard :wink:

No. 00008 signing off for now.

We’ve heard about some issues with the Mac usb keyboard. We like this one, inexpensive, wireless, only uses 1 usb port:

So is it confirmed I can’t use my Mac USB keyboard with the organelle??

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Hi, same here, Mac USB keyboard is not recognised by organelle.

I believe the issue is that the Mac USB keyboard are also USB hub. The Organelle can’t deal with hubs, which is why that specific keyboard is out. Get a simple cheap one and you’re good.

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cool, thanks myecholalia.

The Organelle does work with USB hubs. We have found that USB 2.0 hubs tend to work better than 3.0 ones (even if the 3.0 are supposed to be 2.0 compatible).

We haven’t looked into what the specific issue is with the Mac keyboards not working on the Organelle, but we did try an older (circa 2003 model) and it worked. Maybe the newer ones are sending non-standard information designed for the mac OS?

Thanks for that update.
I stand corrected.

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