Small Keyboard and Mouse compatiblitiy



finally got the organelle! and I’m now getting some missing elements to edit on the organelle itself. I’m looking at getting a small keyboard and mouse wireless that is both compatible with the organelle and mac os. My guess is that the keyboard should be compatible with linux os? Looking around ebay, I came up with these.
any ideas of anyone using it and working well on both platforms?


The description on both the keyboard says that it works on mac…

Might sound like a silly question, but what should the keyboard be compatible with? Linux, Raspberry Pi, Windows?


they should, most USB keyboard/mice are ‘USB HID’ compliant (HID = human interface device)

just check that it doesn’t say you need to install drivers on mac/pc and you should be ok.

that said I have a small wireless USB keyboard/mouse combo ( which whilst it works on the Organelle has a nasty habit of ‘dropping out’, so ended up getting a wired keyboard/mouse.
The Rii worked fine as far as I could tell on a rPI, so not quite sure what was going on with the Organelle, and I admit I didnt have the inclination to track down the issue, as I just got a wired full-size keyboard/mouse combo that worked fine with the Organelle… and for the use I had was better to have a bigger keyboard - and the Rii was moved over to my rPI.

anyway, upshot is yes it’ll probably work fine…
but I just wanted to add a disclaimer/mention id have issues with the Rii mini 8 :wink:


thanks technobear for the advice!

yes i was tempted on that Rii keyboard. Just a little too small for me. But good to know about the simple requirements for keyboards and mouse. Onwards to ebay!