B&W video scope help

Hi everyone
Ok I just bought a b&w video synth

Uk based so I’ve now bought a uk psu :+1:

I have an old 70s I was planning on using but it’s only got a Ariel in
Is there an rca to Ariel cable and sound that even work ?

What tvs can I use ? I wanted a old style tv as I don’t like the looking modern tvs

Any help would be great

Also what video projectors will work with the video synth b&w
Any with an rca input ?

Last of all I might need a ntsc to pal converter
Then all set

Any help would be great to ss e any extra unneeded expense
Thanks :grin::ringer_planet::+1:

If your TV only has an antenna/aerial input, you will need an RF Modulator as an intermediary between the video scope and your TV.

Make sure the RF Modulator you get can receive a NTSC-formatted composite video signal.

Yes, if you want the video scope to go straight into a projector, the projector will need a composite video input. You can also get a composite-to-hdmi adapter if your projector does not have a composite input.

Hi thanks you

It’s a little more complex than I originally thought when I bought the video scope
But i will push on to get it playing

Are these the things you’re talking about ?
It’s all new to me so just trying to understand what I need to get things working

Also I found this ?

I’m slowly getting there
Huge thanks for your guidance :+1:

Hi thanks I’m getting there
So I posted two pictures
Are these items correct for my needs

I’ll be wanting to use a 70s with only Ariel input


Hi, yes, those two look good.

Ok cool
Is one going to better than to other ? Or shall I buy both just incase ?
Thx is so much :+1:

RF Modulators are pretty standard so you might try the cheaper one first and go from there.

Ok cool thanks
Will that will work with my old Ariel only tv

Just need the cables next
And then hopefully all set

RF modulators are designed for your intended purpose so they should work.

Ok. Cool thanks

Apologies for my mixed up message

Just waiting for the modulator arrive
Any day now

I’m back

Ok I’ve got the rf converter
Set everything up

It’s sort of working but not quite

My image is not vertical like in the demo video’s and is strobing all the time
My image is horizontal?
And no matter what I try I can’t get it to look
Like in the demo video
Any help would be great

This is more complex than I originally thought

Maybe I need another tv or a projector ?

Hi there,
Looks like the vertical and/or horizontal hold on your TV may need to be calibrated. These settings should be user-adjustable on old sets like this; look for two trimpots (tiny knobs) on the back. Hope this helps!

P.S. The v/h hold controls the speed at which the CRT builds the image on the screen. It can be fun to intentionally mess with these controls, for example tuning the h hold to twice its normal speed will generate a copy of the image superimposed upon itself (see photo for an example of this with the “paper” mode of the b&w scope)

Thank you so much
I’ve had to pack all my gear away now ready to house move
Soon as I get settled I’ll give it a go

I’ll let you know how things turn out once settled