ETC with Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle (Thunderbolt) - the image is flashing (blinking)

hello guys

I got a blackmagic intensity thunderbolt to capture my images from ETC to my computer, just to save or after to use with a mapping Vj’s program (Resolume Arena).

My problem is: I connect the ETC in the Blackmagic, and the Blackmagic in my Mac - and then I openned the program from BlackMagicStudio “BlackmagicMediaExpress” an the image that i got is the image from ETC but flicking (blink/flash). Even in the “menu mode” the image flick.
(I’ve tried with the ResolumeArena (vj program) an the same happens. Sometimes works out, but then minutes the image starts to BLINK).

Does anybody has the same problem with ETC and BlackMagicIntensity (thunderbolt)?

I forgot to say: the project video format is correct:720p60


Can you check to make sure your settings are the same as the settings shown in the photos on this post: ETC Capture Cards / Frame rates ?

hello @crisk,
yes, the settings are the same
i dont know what is, but im think there is something wrong when I connect de ETC with de Media Express and ResolumeArena at the same time. Because I cannot open MediaExpress if I’am already connecting ETC with Resolume - I have to close Resolume, open Media Express and then Open Resolume.
But, even if I do this, the image sometimes doesn’t appear in MediaExpress (if both programs are open).

So, I’m starting to think that BlackmagicIntensityThunderbolt doesn’t work very well sending images for two programs at the same time…

Yes, I would be surprised if it was designed to do that!