Ethernet for Organelle M

i wanted to see if i could use deken with pd on organelle and i had an extra usb to ethernet adapter
this one

plugged it in and added
iface eth0 inet dhcp to /etc/network/ interfaces and voila
deken-ed else, cyclone, zexy and a few others

I’m pretty sure ethernet adapters (or at least the one I have) also worked on the organelle-1 too :slight_smile:


ok cool, just had this extra one and i was curious :slight_smile:
I just added: ZEXY, Cyclone and list-abs, which are pretty crucial for me these days for reviving older patches.

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it does. tried and tested.! my research here & here

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I’m bummed that I just bought a used Organelle at the end of last month. This is a nice hardware update.