Externally Powering Organelle

I’m looking to use my organelle away from a power outlet. I have an idea but wanted to see if anyone has tried it yet.

I think this with a 9 volt should do the trick. Is there anything to say it won’t?

One 9V battery won’t be able to provide enough amperage for the Organelle. There are some other options discussed here: Portable Power Supply

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I actually just purchased this and have a battery pack that has those requirements

It looks like it’s only rated to 500ma, but hey, for ten bucks I’m willing to try it.

Anecdotally I managed to boot my Organelle off a 9V battery but I was holding the leads against the plug myself, so I have no idea if this would work longer than for the thirty seconds or so that I tried it.

@pvh @Imshanebecker It is highly discouraged to use any power supply that deviates from these specs:

  • 9VDC
  • Minimum of 1000mA
  • tip with center-positive polarity

Doing so may damage the Organelle and will not be covered by warranty.

Fair enough, @chrisk. Can you speak to what the risks of underpowering are? I assume filesystem corruption would be the chief danger if the system basically couldn’t draw the current it needs and failed.

You could damage any number of electronic parts. It is best not to tempt fate.

Hi, anyone with a good solution on this? I also want to use an external power source so I can use it everywhere.

Thanks :slight_smile: