Traveling with the organelle (power)

Hi guys,

I’ll be traveling to Japan next week and I would like to take my Organelle with me, since I’ll be there for a month and not making music for that amount of time is not an option.

Now I’m kind of worried about power, can I just slam an adapter on my power supply and that’s that? Or do I need some kind of converter since wall outlets in Japan output 100v at 50/60hz.

I’d hate to wreck my Organelle or take it with me and have it not work at all, so any advice is appreciated!

Why not get a USB 5v to 9v 1a 2.1mm adapter cable and use a mobile battery charger for power. It lasts ages - you’re probably taking a charger for your phone anyway, and you can keep it as a tool for future mobile music making (plus the cable will work from the wall too with any travel adapters with USB outputs.

I got one of these XTPower-MP-10000
I just tried it with the organelle (been using it for a battery powered amp) seems to work perfect. Has both USB 5v outs (useful for phone charging) and a barrel out (for the organelle) with selectable 9/12V (be VERY CAREFUL you have it set to 9V :wink: )
note: I’m not sure what the wall outlets are in Japan, so you may need an adapter to charge the battery, but once it’s charged, the battery itself comes with a ton of adapters. The main barrel cable though is the correct 2.1mm (and the barrel outputs center positive - so no need for polarity inverting adapter).

Id generally go with @Wannop advice and use a usb battery.
(though you’ll still have to take care of charging it)

that said, it might just be cheaper/easier to buy a PSU while your out there, just need to be 9v/1A +ve centre pin, its a really common config, so you should be able to get very cheaply out there.
(in europe they are something like 10 euros)

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i am in Japan since 6 weeks, using my Organelle with no problems whatsoever. i use the power supply that came with it, i just put the EU - to - US- Adapter on the plug and thats it. really no problem. Just look at your power supply, it should have a small sticker about with what voltage it i compatible. if it says “110-220 V 50/60 Hz” then everything is fine…

Awesome! Thanks for the replies! @novotnik, great to hear from someone that’s in the same boat as me, sounds like I don’t need to worry that much. Thanks a lot everyone, now I can take my Organelle with me worry free!

Is it safe to power the organelle with the adapter as it is rated at 1A max at 9V ? With old batteries, it might a below 1A which could damage the organelle, no ?

Haven been in Japan several times playing gigs, and never had any power issues over there.

It has been a while since last time, but if I remember correctly you can use EU to US adapter in Japan too.

Dunno mate, mine is a 2A/1A 20,000kwh battery pack, i use it with a 1A 5v to 9v adapter and my organelle (2yrs old) is healthy as far as i can tell. You could get an ammeter to check on your battery pack if you’re worried.

finally (2.5 year wait!) myvolts ( have delivered the Ripcord…

and really is pretty nice … rated to 1a & 9v (you can get various other voltages too)
plenty of power for Organelle - high quality cable, an nice cable tie…

looking good so far, I’ll test it for a few weeks and if it remains good, I’ll probably get another one or two for +9v :slight_smile:


How is the ripcord working out for you? I am about to buy an Organelle and this would be awesome if I could use my phone power bank.