Favorite patches and why

What are your favorite patches why, and how/when do you use them? I want to know because I’m having trouble putting many of the patches I’ve downloaded and many of the preset ones to good use

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Me too. Thats why I never really use any of them.

Personally speaking:
trying to understand a complicated patch and be able to modify it, can take a really, really long time. Knowing patches is going to make it alot easier to develop them, add new features and so on.

So i think it is MUCH better to spend your time on really getting to know PD and how it works, so you can build your own patches.

In the long run, I think that is the best approach. It might take some effort to start with but it is going to be worth it.

honestly this is partly ‘paradox of choice’
so many to chose from, all do different things, and each need some time to really understand.

I think the favourite patches are always going to be the ones you’ve played with most, doesn’t matter if they are simple or complex (the latter required an investment in time!)

I do think its really useful to find one (or a few) patch that you use a lot, this really helps you feel like you have a purpose for the organelle, then others are a bonus. …
what that is depends on your needs, and what else you own.
(… I guess I also look at how successful the C&G pocket piano has been, its not complex, it only does a few things - but that is its charm, turn it on, play it - done :slight_smile: )

what are you after? what are you trying to achieve? which patches do you like? why don’t they work for you?

as for programming your own patches… well sure, but I view it as a completely different activity to playing.
if you want to learn coding, or enjoy coding go for it and have time for it - go for it, but its not a solution to the problem you describe, nor necessary - imho.


It’s a tricky question and I understand you.
Organelle was barely my first synth (just grab a circuit before and volcas) and i’ve had zero experience with coding. I own mine for one year now and i feel comfortable with only for a couple of weeks.

For me ORAC really unlock the potential of the organelle, just being able to add easily reverb to a synth patch was a new approach to me.

Few hints and paths that worked too for me :
-some patches are very “rewarding”, as Polybeats, arpeggio synth, CAmenti, … I would say all the C&G patches are really good i think because they’re very well designed and very instictive. I like especially patches from @WyrdAl and @callmesam. In a vey different way, @wo3 are terrific too.

But clearly, some are not, and i’ve spent too much time i think to understand what’s goin on, if they’re not working, … one advice it’s just to give up, move on and focus on those which actually worked and are great for you.

-with all the patches available, i think a good organisation is a key. I’ve spent couple of hours to organize my folders and distinct C&G patches, users patches, with subfolders for synth, sequencers, FX, generative, … and it’s so much easier.

-also i’ve noticed that with the Organelle i’ve changed a little the type of music I (try) to do and i’m now triying to evolve more towards “experimental” “improvised” “sound design” kind of thing.

So maybe if you’re not comfortable with the organelle, it’s not the right thing for you. And it’s not a bad thing. But with some time and patience, well, it’s so much fun :slight_smile:


I’d also say don’t overlook the simple ones - C&G Rhodes is one I keep returning too - almost as a stock sound to try ideas out on.
polybeats is also a great example of ‘letting go’ of pre-conceived ideas, as you can get to the same/similar place as a step sequencer but in a very different way but doing this also means investing time in it… as its obviously won’t be as simple as using something your familiar with.
(I like polybeats now, but when I first played with it, thought - “meh” :slight_smile: )

great advice (perhaps with caveat of contacting developer first, just in case theres a bug they can fix?!)
I think some patches just ‘connect’ with some people , and not with others… so if it doesn’t work for you move on…
(hmm though perhaps thats counter to what I just said about polybeats :wink: )