Favorite Organelle Patches on PatchStorage, 2018 edition


I’ve had almost no time to mess with the Organelle in the last 6 months but i’m amazed the stuff people are coming up with (thanks in large to ppl like shreeswifty and technobear). Eager to dig in to play instead of program for awhile.

What are some people’s favorite patches, in the following categories? There is so much variety out there I’m trying to narrow it to ‘bread and butter’ patches that I can mess with for composition, and hopefully help other people find new favorites :slight_smile:

  1. Synth (sequenced or played on kb)
  2. Drums (one hit, sequencer, sampler, or generative)
  3. Effects for input sources (granular delay, reverb, multi-FX)
  4. Self generated tones (drone, generative synth, weird stuff)

Thoughts on Organelle as effects processor?

Synth is a tough one. I’d have to say…

Synth- Continental breakfast organ

Unless we’re going with the more intense ones. Then I’d have to pick Jupiter, ARP, Proteus etc.

Drum- J Dillicious

Effects- Clds



Thanks for the reply, will try these out!


SampleNest SampleNest SampleNest… a thousand times SampleNest.


6 months?


Euclidean Rhythms


DJ Patch Record

Ambient Guitar




Here are some of my bread and butter patches, really amazing sounds. I use these all the time!

Cassette LinnDrum LM-2 by Henrik

Roganelle & Tremolonelle by fuurther

And of course, Juno-104 by Rawticks


Zone! :heart_eyes:


samplenest… and any of the latter C&G ones :slight_smile:


samplenest keeps coming up, gotta try it …also getting new C&G patches thumbs up

Best instrument patches?

I agree with a lot of what has been written already. The newer (especially Dec 2017+) C&G patches are very good and some of my faves (additive synth is basic but makes its way to a lot tracks).

I’ve noticed that when I find a person who makes one great patch I tend to like most of their patches. @thetechnobear Orac and OTC radically redefine the entire instrument and the mutable instrument stuff is very deep and useful (especially in the Orac context).

Samplenest is exactly the kind of sampler functionality I personally wanted and WyrdAl’s other patches on Patchstorage are also quite good.

The Juno and glass FM synth by Rawticks are very good.

And fuurther’s Roganelle / Tremolonelle are simple and quality.

I’d say the only area I haven’t had great results with yet are drum synths. I know there is some good stuff out there, but haven’t found the right ones yet.

For patches outside of my normal musical genre / techniques I am lovingly perplexed by the patches Kyle Werle makes on patchstorage (DUST, ORGANISM, SURGE).


My favourite one is PolyParrot :heart:


I actually really like a lot of the @Blavatsky patches (which is funny as he is the op of this thread). I remember getting some really cool results with CoolWave Grain by freezing a granular sound and then playing over it with the mix knob at 50%

edit: actually not sure if that one is still avail - @Blavatsky did you update and/or change the name of that one? Also curious if you have any plans on working some sort of save/preset functionality (or a workaround - it doesn’t seem to work with the organelle’s “save” or “save new”) - would make these awesome patches even better :smiley:


@bomboy - great patch recs! Curious is there any way that you found to lower the volume of the noise/crackling in Euclidean Traveler… I love the sounds but sometimes the crackling is more overpowering and I am scratching my head thinking there must be a parameter I’m missing to control it?


It’s been a while since I messed with that one. I’m pretty sure there is. I just need to play around with it some more. But @shreeswifty made the patch. So he should be able to shed some more light than I could.


The more I mess with it, the more I like how intense it is :grin:


CA Filter by @chrisk may be my alltime favorite organelle patch. It is so fucking cool and expressive, I can’t get over it.


A gold mine. Thank you!

Just joined the community. Psyched to start finding my way around and eventually contribute some patches!


Recently spent an entire week in a musical residency with a band. I’ve had the Organelle for about a year and only messed with it alone. Had the chance to use it in a live context for the first time and really fell in love with some patches:

-Ambient Guitar: just a great patch for shaping guitar tones
-MuChord: WONDERFUL for arpeggios. Seems I’m always going back to it.
-ComputerRythm78: This drum machine is gorgeous. Instant BeachHouse.
-Jeraphy: Lots of fun with the filters and cheesy rythms.
-GuitartoARP: not the greatest tracking ever, but manager some pretty decent sounds with guitar and bass going through my pedalboard.


Hi, gotta link to ComputerRhythm78? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.


Here ya are!