Frequent left side black bar with video scopes

There is frequently a black bar on the left side of the videoscope output. Found this myself when just testing mine, but now that I’m investigating I realize it’s quite often visible in the demo videos as well. For example in this screenshot:

I’m not a fan of this and would rather the video fill the frame. I was just testing my videoscopes with an AV to HDMI converter into an Atomos monitoring recorder to record my jams, and I’d just prefer not to have to crop my video after recording to the Atomos.

Is this look intentional? Or is it an artifact of conversion somewhere? My AV to HDMI converter is an upscaler and I was wondering whether a non-upscaling converter with proper 4:3 support would work better. (e.g., this one). But then I looked back at the demo videos and it seems no converter is involved and a proper 4:3 monitor is being used, and yet there’s still the lopsided effect with black on the left edge. So what’s up with the left edge??

Thanks for getting a video scope!

This black margin on the left edge is normal. A different composite-to-HDMI converter won’t be able to change it. (RE: your screenshot of the demo video: You are correct - in that demo video, the video scope’s composite video output is going straight into a CRT TV’s composite video input.)

It takes time for the microcontroller in a video scope to synthesize each line of the video signal. That margin is a result of that time requirement. Some modes require more or less time to synthesize so there will be variations in the width of the margin.


Thanks so much for the quick explanation!

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