Glass FM : A 4 operators FM synth

I have both, I would echo AudioJack’s opinion to get both if you can.
I often run the Juno emulator patch on the organelle with some horn sounds on the fm with the same midi keyboard and they sound great together. However, as great as the the GLASS FM patch is, i’d say its not intended to have the full functionality or range af a dx7 or similar fm synths.

@rawticks Hey! Not sure if you’re still active in the community, but I can’t seem to get any sound out of Glass FM on the Organelle M. Any ideas?

Hello there!

The LFO of the patch is not working on my organelle m. Any suggestions on why this is happening?

Probably a typo/mis-capitalisation in the original patch that went undetected due to no case sensitivity on usb stick. @rawticks are you still active here?

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It was typo/mis-capitalisation problem, thanks @Wannop!