How to resize sd card on OS 4 / 4.1 for organelle m

I have a 32Go sd card and I wanted to use it on my brand new organelle m. So, I’ve flashed it with the latest OS (OS 4.1) and I’m now facing two problems :

1 - I can’t find out how to resize the partition for storage on my new sd card for more than the initial 4Go.
I’ve read some topics on this forum but they’re all about old OS, I still followed the procedure described by thetechnobear and nothing worked on the new OS.
–> How can I resize my sd card with the latest OS ?

2 - I’ve already stored quite a few patches (for orac too) on the sd card that was provided with the unit, and I’ld like to transfer them so that I won’t lose them and have to start all over again.
I would like to know if there is any specific procedure for doing that or if I can simply zip each patch folder and paste them on the organelle via wifi.

Any help will be much appreciated.




Great ! Thanks a lot for that guide.
I’ve already read comments in this post but have probably missed that one.
Some users seem to have succeeded so I’ll try it.

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Thank you for the guide, it worked great!