MIDI not working properly

I am no longer getting MIDI control from the Novation Circuit and with patches like grid_ProWave etc the midi BPM values are not updating but is working. I am at a loss with how to fix this. previously when plugging unplugging MIDI devices the patch woulf restart, this no longer occurs. Can someone take a look at this?

I’m not sure if it’s the same situation, but I was having a similar issue with my Roland 707 after the organelle update, it stopped receiving the notes from the drum machine.
I found out it’s because of the midi channel, on the new midi menu in the organelle I have to manually select the same channel as the Roland. Before the update I guess it was listening on all channels because I never had to change anything.

i think i have grafted a bunch of my MIDI code from the grid_pd patches and what i am getting when i load that is that the BPM MIDI is showing up and changing the BPM but the screen values are not updating [at least in grids_pd] for me. Can someone else confirm this? I have had to tweak stuff to get MIDI BPM to update the modulo on the sequencer and after spending all day tweaking code i think i am probably a little testy so perhaps i should lay down and hope people are around tomorrow to answer some questions or try stuff. Thanks everyone


Will give this a go tonight mate.

Yes, MIDI on the Organelle definitely got more complex after the update. I usually have the OP-1 connected to the Organelle directly via USB and looks like CH 1 receives clock as it’s meant to. When, however, set to CH 16, it appears that the Organelle receives clock & notes from and sends notes to the OP-1, at the same time. I’ll be further experimenting with this and let you know if I stumble upon anything worth mentioning.

The MIDI implementation did not change drastically for the new OS v2.1. The only difference is you can set the default MIDI in / out channel. The Organelle used to receive on all channels (omni) and send on channel 1. Now it sends and receives only on the selected channel. So unless there is a bug, everything should pretty much be the same as it was.

The only other change is USB related. The Organelle used to quit Pd when any USB device was removed. We found this unnecessary and could be annoying if you had unsaved work, so we disabled it. For a MIDI USB interface it might lead to some confusion however because these are not hot pluggable. If you unplug your MIDI interface while Pd is running, you will have to restart the patch after it is plugged back in.

i think this is what i was not understanding and was perplexed as i was expecting previous behavior and restarting pure data seems to have fixed things. That being said the last patch [Hextrack] has a complex metronome system and it took some finagaling to get it to behave properly