My first video using OTC on Organelle1!

Just published this little thing, video was made as my first attempts at using OTC for video. I’m super happy with hw the OTC reacts to sound and I will definitely use it for any future live gigs.

Feedback much appreciated too.

Happy music everyone!


This is really cool :sunglasses: My only suggestion is to soften those high frequency percussion noises in the mix. Listening through headphones, I couldn’t turn it up as loud as I’d like to hear the lower frequencies without cringing at the highs. :slight_smile: Great stuff!! Keep it up!!

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I greatly thank you for feedback.

I’m not too good at mixing…often I know what I dislike, but I don’t really know how to solve the problem.

In this case I completely got your point, and I agree. I will try to remix it a bit.

Thanks for listening and happy music!

Just a suggestion… There are a couple of ways I would consider adjusting the mix for this. One way would be to turn the level down and pan the track harder to the left or right. This lets you reduce the volume but keep the presence of the instrument alive in the mix. Another way would be to apply a bit of frequency rolloff on that track, just soften the high frequency a bit. Also, combine that with lower level and panning. Etc.

Since there is nothing else in the mix competing with that sound, lower level and, maybe, panning should do the trick. I might even duplicate the track and pan one of them hard(er) left, and one hard(er) right, and take the levels down on both. You’d get a wide stereo effect in both left and right sides but could do it at a much reduced volume level.

Hope this gives you some ideas to play with! Again, great stuff!! Keep it up!!

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I reworked a bit on it!


I really like your remix. Good job!

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Hey, loved the video, and the music sounds great. I was just wondering, what hardware/software did you use to capture the output of the organelle (OTC)?

Hey! Thanks!

In this video, the image of the OTC is projected on a white wall and recorded with a videocamera :smiley:
This allows shadow puppets!

Else I sometimes use a Elgato game capture HD60. This thing is for streaming gamers… It fits the resolution of the OTC and comes with a recording software. It works, but there is some latency (short, but still too much to get an acceptable sync between the music and the video). Maybe there are some settings to improve latency, but I did not look at it in detail. I get the latency, then I resync with a video software.


It looks amazing projected like that, thanks for all the information, ill have to have a try on making my own video soon!

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