Organelle - linux upgrade project


Ok, I will have a look at it.

I’m a C/C++ programmer so I will do it that way rather then using python. There is a lib wrapper around the dbus network manager interface that I can use:


well yeah it is a cross compiling build system :wink:

actually, Im hoping we don’t have to mount the organelle filesystem…
you can extend the build process to ‘fix the image’ even before the final image is built.
from what ive seen, it not only mounts the filesystem but actually runs an arm emulation, such that you can run commands ‘on the image’ … this is how you can do things like set the root password.
(I checked this out for something else, so I need to go look for the details again)

but yeah, my general idea is to get the build process to download Organelle_UI (perhaps tagged build) , build it and install it… ideally the makefile will produce a debian package, that way future updates would be done properly via apt tools (albeit the user wont see this, but I’ll feel its nice and tidy )

Im trying to finish up something else at the moment (organelle related :wink: ) , once thats done im going to return to this.

yeah, netctl feels like the way forward… it’d also be cool to get the Access Point working.
(one thing… it will need to be optional to bring up the WiFi interface, given in a performance situation this is probably not wanted… though admittedly most are using wifi dongles, so perhaps not a real issue)

if you have changes you want, feel free to send me a pull request.


There is an issue with the WIFI and INFO screens on the build, this is to do with pyliblo not being installed.

I know nothing about python having steadfastly managed to have nothing to do with it for years but managed to get it working by installing crap loads of stuff. I’m guessing there is an easier way for someone that knows what they are doing but I had to install:


and then pip install:



yeah this is mostly part of the os 3 upgrade script , which I’ll migrate to Debian to be part of base install


Ah ok got you. When you get it migrated tell me and I will do a new build to test it out…