Organelle M Issue

My Organelle M is doing this weird thing where my patches are receiving a midi clock, which jumps around in timing and tends to be really high making it unusable and glitchy sounding, instead of allowing me to select a bpm, even though there is nothing connected to it and my midi settings are off. I added a photo so you can see, and if I push six I don’t have an option to switch it from midi on any patch. Any idea on what could be the problemor how to fix it

This might be related to this known issue: MIDI on the Organelle M - the jack doesnt seem to work mostly, USB does

its a known issue that will be adressed in the next OS update. for now just use a USB Midi, or the midi adaptor

Thank you, Yea it seems to be the same issue I changed the midi through setting and used the usb and fixed it.

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We just released a new version of OS which takes care of this bug: