Organelle Wifi issues

Im having some issues trying to make a Wi-Pi dongle to work.
I updated to 2.1 and then to 3.1 but no wifi.txt (neither wifi_config.txt) comes out in the USB drive (just the Patches folder).
I was trying to create it myself (just 2 lines: Network Name and Pass) but when I go to Settings>WiFi Setup and click it, nothing happens.
Any help??

Thank you!

have you checked out the new video C&G just put up?

also have you tried using the access point , thats a good way to test the wifi dongle before moving on to connecting to an existing network (again covered in the above video.

again check video for contents of file, but if the network name does not show, then this shows either:
a) file is in wrong place/named wrong
b) incorrect/unexpected format

(since it displays the name before any attempt is tried to connect to it… its only showing what it can find in the wifi file)

its wifi.txt, and I suspect its not created in upgrade scenarios… (though Id need to check)

also if you have any ‘odd’ characters in your password/ssid try initially (for testing only) to remove these, to see if they are causing an issue. (should be ok, but its worth testing :wink: )

I realized I’m having trouble with the Operating System, somehow I click on Settings>Wifi Setup and it does nothing (Same thing with Midi Setup/Pedal Setup/Info). Only the Shutdown option works under de Settings menu.
I Just tried to reinstall everything again but same thing happens.

What could be wrong?
Thanks thetechnobear !

It’s likely got something to do with python not starting ( as all these settings apps are written in python ) but honestly I’ve no idea why this would be the case.

I’d recommend reinstalling the os image on the sdcard. Youlll need and sdcard reader for your computer though.

I’ve been trying to find the correct way to reinstall the os image, but there are many different versions.
Which method would you recommend to do so?
Thanks again.

if I were you , what Id do is:
get yourself a new sdcard (8-16gb) , then follow this thread:

about 1/2 way down I say how to installed the OS 3.1 image to a new sdcard

why a new card? because the one supplied originally with the organelle is only 4gb, you’ll want at least 8gb to be able to store patches on it :slight_smile:

using a SD card + a wifi stick for moving patches to the organelle is MUCH more enjoyable than messing with the usb stick (and usb sticks tend to be a bit unreliable :wink: )