Pd-extended mp3amp~ crashes

Recent discovery: no matter which method you follow, the certain of ffmpeg you use with ffplay has to have been compiled with openssl enabled. Elsewise you won’t be able to load resources via https.

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OK, after trying to use the thing in earnest last night, I’m afraid to say there is a big caveat for my own use-cases: when loading most streams, it seems to freeze the entire system for several seconds at a time. In my experience, [oggamp~] didn’t do this, I think in part because it pre-allocates a configurable amount of buffer memory at invocation time?

I’ve tried putting it into a [pd~] subpatch, had no effect.

I think I’ll ask the author about this, whether it’s just impossible to implement this in a non-blocking way.

And I’ll also try out one of the mpg123 strategies. If that goes well, it should be able to put reusable functionality into an abstraction. My main question around that is what it would take to pipe the audio back into the patch in question, rather than directly to the main audio output of the Organelle, since a big part of this is to incorporate the sound into patches, after all.

When using this technique/script, have you found that loading a stream causes the system/audio to freeze for a significant amount of time?