Recording the pocket piano

ive purchased a 1/4" - 3.5mm wire to plug the pocket piano into my computer and record it but for some reason audacity is not recognizing it. the only available recording device is my laptop’s built-in mic! is there a better program to use or something that im missing here? i have a late 2013 macbook pro retina

reference the last posts in this thread. should get you running.

thanks so i cant just use the jack as an input unfortunately :frowning: do you know of a good interface for cheap that can give me 3.5mm - usb? i know i can look online but id like somebody’s opinion if you can offer it looking for as cheap as possible

i blindly trust this, given the pedigree:

thanks! ill give it a try

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i bought something similar (vantec usb stereo audio adapter) and its not working for me. I have it set as an input both in my computer settings and in audacity but there is no sound.