Recording video scope to a mac

I don’t know if this is a popular thing but I’m looking to record the videoscope to my computer as an M4a to use it for video backgrounds or even a lyric video. How would I do this? I’ve tried converters and things haven’t been working.

What are you outputting the videoscope to in the first place? Television? Projector?

Well I’ve tried different things. I first tried going through the input of a VCR which had a monitor and then taking the output of that and running into a a black magic converter but still had no luck. I even tried going through a black magic video switcher (Component to SDI) which went through a black magic converter to software.

I would use an RCA to USB device such as this one. You should be able to use a video RCA cable with two male ends to transfer it. This one also seems to come with the necessary software to capture/convert the video output. There are cheaper options but this one has good reviews, and should require less time spent finding the proper capture software.
If you opt for a cheaper option that doesn’t include the software, Nvidia graphics cards have drivers that enable seamless screen recording, or you can try other third-party software: Fraps, OBS, or Xsplit.

Can anyone confirm that the elgato works for this? Or any other recommendations getting this into the computer? Trying to put in resolume. Thanks

Hey man, I’m playing around with the same idea at the moment. The elgato does manage to convert it to an actual signal that your computer can pick up. the problem I’ve been having (and others as well) is that it will also show some artifacts and the colour signal may go.
It might need some time base corrector to clean the signal up a bit, but I haven’t had the chance to try that out yet.

Check out this guy’s post if you want to get more of an idea of what direction to go in:


Usually, I record my Mac screen and create vivid video by using Joyoshare Screen Recorder Mac tool. It can record any on-screen activity you do on your desktop. Meanwhile, it can record webcam doings and streaming videos in high quality.

I have been usingVideoSolo Screen Recorder for a while and it deserves my recommendation for you to record your video scope.

It supports the customization of recording area and annotations-adding while recording. The bright spot of it is that it is able to record not only screen but also webcam along with microphone audio, which greatly benefits my tutorial-making.

But the downside of it is that it has to pay despite the fact it has a trial version with full features yet with a time limit. But you should give it a go anyway.


How are you getting the video scope to play on your computer?

You can record video scope to a mac with FoneLab screen recorder.
It helps you to get the audio from video in high quality format.
You can use it to take screenshots and record video, audio, webcam at the same time.

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