B&W Videoscope into iMac?

Hi friends,

I’m new to trying something and I can’t seem to get the thing in my head to be a thing in real life, so maybe some of you can help me.

I’ve been using the Critter and Guitari B&W videoscope with projectors for live music performance for a handful of years. I simply plug in the RCA cable to the RCA input on the projector, change the input, and behold, there’s the videoscope. What I’m trying to do is connect the videoscope to my iMac via HDMI, in hopes to record the videoscope as it’s working on my computer screen.

I have a component to HDMI converter, to transfer the videoscope image, and the HDMI to Thunderbolt converter, to plug it into my iMac, but when I power the videoscope on, nothing happens…

So, am I missing something really obvious? Less obvious? Is this possible? Thanks for the help folks.


Hey, I’m not sure if there is another way but usually to record stuff into computer you need a capture card. Look into Elgato products. I have the HD 60 S+ but of course look at the specs of what’s avail and consider your current and future needs… lemme know if you have any questions after having a look!

As @TheDeadFarmer mentions you need a capture card because most computers do not have an HDMI input jack.

You can always film the projection if you aren’t interested in buying more gear…

Thanks @TheDeadFarmer and @chrisk, both helpful in getting me closer to my goal. Cheers!