Simple moving pixel based sequencer

Hi- I’m interested in creating a sequencer that triggers samples based on a few small circular orbs that travel across the screen (kind of like a pong game). I’ve had a look at the pong patch for organelle but I’m having a hard time understanding it.

I’m wondering if it might be easier to start from scratch. It’s been difficult for me to find much information about how to program simple pixel graphics that would appear on the organelle screen, and was wondering if anyone could offer advice or links on how to learn about this aspect of coding patches for organelle.

I posted in the thread about the pong patch about this, but realized this might be a better place to ask. Sorry if that’s a double post of sorts. Thanks in advance for any advice!

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So far I’ve figured out you have to send a list of 6 numbers to oscOut. I’m using the message “/oled/gFillArea $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6” with a pack object sending integers to its inlets.
Of the six integers:
The first I’m uncertain what it does, but it seems to need a “3” integer
Next we have x and y coordinates of the screen which is 128x64, with 0 0 being top left corner
Then we have the dimensions of the shape (a square really) to be filled)
Last is a 1 or 0 for on or off message for the specified coordinates and area.

I’m having fun experimenting with this but if anyone could point me towards some resources I’d really appreciate it. @chrisk is it at all possible to at some point hope for some resources on the graphics side of things, and possibly some more in depth tutorials on how to use on screen graphics as a part of one’s patch?

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@chrisk thank you! I have a much better understanding of things now :slight_smile:

@varicela since it’s your pong patch that I’m looking at to try and get an idea of how to do this, was wondering if you might have any advice - thanks if you can offer any hints, I know I can probably use a lot of the expr math and patching you have in there, just not sure what to get rid of without causing things to stop working entirely.

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@chrisk thanks again for the above. Any ideas how to get Tabread 4 to just play one shot samples? I’d like one shots with the ability to adjust for pitch…
I’m looking at downloading externals so I can use [edge~] but I wasn’t sure what the process is to make sure that works on the organelle (a little confused if we can only use vanilla objects or not)