OLED Display Rainbow


is there a good example of coloured screen lines for the Organelle? :slight_smile:

The OLED screen is monochromatic…


is it possible to have a waveform/ Oscillation Graphic on that display?

like the Korg Minilogue has?

You’d have to work it into the UI: https://github.com/critterandguitari/Organelle_UI

This function seems like a good place to start to plot a wave on screen:
void OledScreen::put_pixel(unsigned int on, unsigned int x, unsigned int y)

Not sure how well the CPU would bear the extra workload?

It would be supercool though

That is right, it would require modifying the Organelle_UI program. Currently Organelle_UI only accepts textual messages from Pd for the screen. Also there is a bottleneck where data gets sent serially (relatively slowly) to the screen, so it is currently only a few frames per second.