Soundboard & puredata

Is it possible to use a soundboard directly on organelle without a pc?

Can you be more specific about ‘soundboard’?

I already have a midiman immagine
a M-audio Audiophile immagine and I need them both in my setup because I don’t have a midi merger.
Moreover I need to increase the number of audio input, so any simple solution would be blessed.

so you want to use an external audio interface with the Organelle?

yes this can be done, assuming your audio interface is class compliant

Ive covered it in this topic:

just beware, USB is going to be slower than using an on-board soundcard, so you might have to increase the buffer sizes, which will increase latency a bit too.
(its not a big thing… just something to be aware of)

:slightly_smiling_face: Wonderfull! (Sorry that I looked for the answer but I missed it)
You’re so kind and I want to take advantage, my last question is: is there an agile option to add audio inputs, that you consider better (no latency) than external soundboard? I mean, am I the only who wants to exploits more than 2 audio input?

well, by definition adding something external is always going to add latency :wink:

… but you really you need to try it, how much latency/buffer sizes you required is partly down to your audio interface, see if it acceptable.
(Ive used a Zoom H5 for the organelle and it was fine)

your other option is to use an external mixer to mix down to 2 channels input, but thats not really the same thing :wink: