USB audio in and/or out?

Is there a way to get send audio in via usb (say from an OP-Z), or to send audio out via usb?

yes but it’s not something you can do easy, risk free, from the encoder / oled screen and of course, you will need a soundcard or an op-z (which acts as a soundcard in that case)

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it’s fairly simple, just a matter of adding one file.
(you can do this either for all patches, or on a patch by patch basis)

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Is good to know that it’s so easy in Organelle… I have been doing things with pd and Raspy for a while and it was really a pain to get everything stable and working. even on recent models. (forcing usb to run at 1.1 and things like that…) When I tried an Organelle-1 last year (at Dadamachines) I got immediately hooked and surprised about the performance considering the clock speed…

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Oh perfect – thanks y’all. I’ll give this a go with the op-z

When the host performs an OUT-transfer it sends a packet of data that the device must capture. In the world of USB Audio, IN and OUT transfers may be used to transport audio samples: an OUT-transfer to send audio data from a PC to a speaker, whereas an IN-transfer is used to send audio data from a microphone to the PC