OP-Z and OP-1 connected to organelle 1 usb midi

Has anyone had success using a track from the opz to sequence the organelle and an OP1 listening on a given channel?

I have tried adding the pd-opts.txt to the SD card system folder, and then modifying patch_loaded.sh on the sd card (via web interface) – however patch_loaded.sh seems to be getting overwritten and my version is not used. I am on the latest OS – just checking to see if anyone has made this combo work.


# midiIn,8
# midiOut,14
# midiInGate,1
# midiOutGate,1
# midiDevice,OP-1 Midi Device:0
oscsend localhost 4000 /midiInCh i 8
oscsend localhost 4000 /midiOutCh i 14
oscsend localhost 4000 /midiInGate i 1
oscsend localhost 4000 /midiOutGate i 1
aconnect “OP-1 Midi Device:0” “Pure Data:0”
aconnect “Pure Data:2” “OP-1 Midi Device:0”
aconnect “OP-Z:1” “Pure Data:1”
aconnect “Pure Data:3” “OP-Z:1”

Organelle doesn’t seem to be spitting out midi to either OP-Z or OP-1 when I have them both connected

Do I need an external usb hub to make this happen/ not just OPZ and OP1 direct usb into organelle?

Have you been able to get the Organelle talking OPZ/OP1 independently? (just Organelle & OP-1, then Organelle & OP-Z)

Here’s a good tutorial for the Organelle and OPZ:

When connecting your Organelle to OP-Z/1 with USB, it is recommended to turn off the USB charging function on the OP-Z/1.


Hey @chrisk – thanks for the reply. I can indeed get them working individually, just not together both connected to the organelle. I thought I disabled charging but I will try that again.

can anyone else help me out? do i need a usb interface? Has anyone had luck with a key;ab essential and an organelle?

This is pretty easy. Pick a channel (I picked channel 16 - give up a track - I picked the Sample track) and plugin a USB-C → USB-A cord. And pretty straightforward. This is a killer combo IMO. Also the OP-Z and Arturia’s MicroFreak is pretty gr8. Noodling with the Organelle an using the TRS Splitter, have been able to use the OP-Z effects, and drive the Organelle M, fairly straightforward with the OP-Z USB C-> USB A (MIDI) - receiving in the Organelle M.

There are a bunch of patches, that can add some variety from the default synth engines that come with the OP-Z

Patch for the Organelle M : Supersynthengine | Patchstorage

I didn’t really need the 1010Music BlueBox, I just use it to send out the recording of the mix.
I could do all the mixing on the OP-Z. Patiently waiting for the OP-Z Line/Green module that would
make the 1010Music Bluebox non necessary, and make the rig even more portable.