USB Bluetooth Audio

hey, i am currently investigating the pocket piano and find it kind of strange that there is no headphone-output on a device like this.
is it possible to use a bluetooth usb dongle with bluetooth headphones?

You can connect headphones to the audio output. It has enough power to drive them. But you’ll need a mono to stereo adapter. It still will be mono, but in both channels (as opposed to just left).

Disino 1/4 Mono to 3.5mm Stereo Adapter, Gold Plated 6.35mm TS Male Plug to 1/8 inch TRS Female Audio Connector - 2 Pack

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ok, thanks, but can it drive any pair of headphones, no matter their impedance? also that still didn’t answer my question about bluetooth audio? is this thing raspberry pi - based? in that case i think it could be possible?

We haven’t messed with bluetooth audio. It might be possible… The 201 is not raspberry pi based but is running Linux (like the pi), so it is theoretically possible to configure the software for usb bluetooth, but probably not worth the trouble.

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i think it would be great. i have a unused USB-bluetooth dongle flying around anyway and in my experience driving headphones from line level sounds crap + i don’t really trust those mono to stereo adapters.