Using Giphy Stickers to create animation

Hey guys,

I’ve been trying to figure out pushing video (or at least gifs) through the etc. As im sure most of you are aware, pygame doesnt support vid or gifs. I was tinkering yesterday and ran across These are essentially gifs with just the object (not the background). I split these into individual .png frames with I then just dropped the frames in order in a few of the image based modes. The result is pretty cool. You get contol of the animated object and full control of the background. Can share modes / code if anyone is interested.


Hi ! Good idea : Yes please, I’m curious about the result !
Thanks :slight_smile:

I am definitely interested!

@daveykdavenport, any news about your mode ? Definitely interested :slight_smile: thanks !

Did you manage to create a mode for this?

I tested it, and it basically works:

you may try

The animated GIF I used comes from here:
(I quoted the link, because the forum software automatically tries to display the first picture.


Yes !! Thanks !!
Can’t wait to try ! So you can load dozen of gif in the folder ?

The mode will rotate through all the files in the folder. Having the frame-gifs of several different animated gifs (I’ll call them "a.g."s) in the same folder would rotate through one cycle of the first a.g., then one cycle of the next a.g. and so on. It requires more programming to choose between several "a.g."s

thank you, but sorry for my broken english, I was not clear (and i’m ok to have only one “gif” in one mode)
I wanted to confirm that we can put dozens of files in the images folder, while the classic C&G modes doesn’t allow more than 4 files in the images folder.

Aah ok. No this mode allows as many images as you like (I think it is also derived from an original C&G mode). But be aware, that it is easily possible to run out of memory if the ETC has to load too many files in total (all files of all(!) modes are loaded at startup of the ETC!).

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Thanks Florian, it’s work !
And it’s cool :slight_smile:

Bit late to the party here but wanted to say thanks for doing this! I’ve just tested it out and it works great.

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