Animated GIFs possible

Just an idea out of a talk with a colleague (and I don’t have the ETC here, so I can’t test): Can I use animated GIF files? It might be a replacement for video scrubbing (ETC Video scrubber)


:scream: Eeek, memes in ETC ! :sob:

(interesting idea, still)


(SCNR :wink: )

pygame doesn’t support animated gifs, you’d have to use something like PIL to pull them apart, and display each frame separately.

as I mentioned on the other thread i did get moviepy working, but really it starting opening up questions about cpu/resources … basically pygame/python i think is pretty inefficient.

Thanks, I feared it alread.

No difference though really is there? The animated element can be made in python no? Disassemble GIF and throw pictures into patch - they change on a pulse from midi note or sound input… or a knob control speed of ‘playback’? The patch could continuously drive playback itself.

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Not exactly an animated GIF, but you can use a phenakistoscope Examples with the new SpinningDiscs mode.

@thetechnobear did a proof of concept using the SpinningDisccs mode with some phenakistoscopes here:

At some point, I’ll create a set of original phenakistoscopes for the ETC.

I have other ideas for motion/animation using more “vintage” techniques, which in my view fits the ETC aesthetic.

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