What to do when the Organelle freezes?

Main issue for me is that even the process of getting back to organelles main menu from orac is not particularly simple to do when the cpu is lagging, responding to encoder clicks and turns at a delayed rate. The organelle usually still makes some stuttering patch sound, occasionally I can switch out a module for u-default and that brings things back. It’s just really hard to navigate the menus while cpu is high.

For me it’s always the CPU load making it literally impossible to use the menus - either to switch out a module or to get back to main menu to shut down. It becomes so slow to respond that by the time it takes me to the menu, the menu has timed out.

I’ve occasionally been able to get the menu to not time out by turning the encoder once every second while I’m waiting for the screen to respond, but even then it’s close to impossible to navigate through the menu to switch out a module.

Didn’t know about the long press encoder! Thanks, will try this next time :slight_smile: