Organelle OS version 4.0

We have a new OS version available for both the Organelle M and the original Organelle 1.

Organelle OS 4.0 adds many features and updates. It is also the first OS update since the release of the Organelle M, and it brings many of the features in the M to the older Organelle 1.

Features and Improvements:

  • Improved MIDI performance from the 1/8" jacks.
  • Fixed bug in MIDI setup that caused MIDI clock problems in patches.
  • Improved VU meter with peak indication. The last bar is now a peak indication that will stay lit for half a second whenever the audio peaks out of range.
  • Improved input VU metering.
  • Added VNC support. This used to be a separate patch (thanks to @thetechnobear for making this available), and now it is part of the OS. Under the WiFi menu you can start a VNC server and then patch the Organelle from a remote computer.
  • Added Access Point configuration options. You can now use a custom name and password for when the Organelle operates in AP mode.
  • Added a OLED graphics message for full frame. Developers making graphic patches can now send entire frames to the OLED screen.
  • Updated Pd to version .49 on the Organelle 1. Now both Organelles are running the same version of Pd.
  • Includes the latest set of factory patches.
  • Numerous small tweaks and fixes.

The OS update is available as a disk image that must be burned onto the SD card. There are instructions for doing this in Chapter 7 of the manual:

Be sure to backup anything on your SD card that you want to keep as this process will wipe the card clean.


Great ! Can’t wait to try !!


another cool thing is Supercollider is now pre-installed on both,
so you can develop and launch SC patches, just like PD :slight_smile:



The behaviour of reload in the storage menu doesn’t match the description in the manual; it doesn’t unload the current patch (I had vnc running connected at the same time)


I quite fancy a Cowbell

Are there any Easter Eggs in v4.0?

see my example on patchstorage

separate note: this OS updates incorporates a number of things that Id produced utilities for (e.g. installing VNC, PD49) - this all now become redundant, and we be marked as such on patchstorage :slight_smile:


Hey Im still not having any luck getting midi in to work through the trs connection. No devices are showing up. Anyone else having this issue? what am i doing wrong? I can get it to recognize my digitakt through usb.

nevermind! i got it figured out. the midi works but does not show that the device is available.
which is fine i was just confused i guess.

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hello there! I had a quick question.

Just for starters, I’m using an Organelle 1, and my laptop is a little bit old and doesn’t have a slot to read micro SD cards. When I updated to OS 3.0 I was able to do it via the USB stick that I use to hold my patches. Is there a way for me to update to OS 4.0 using the USB stick or will I just have to get a micro SD card reader before I update to 4.0?

Thanks & I’m excited to upgrade to 4.0 either way!

I think you have to use an sdcard reader to flash a new sdcard.

fortunately they have got pretty cheap these days $2-$5

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no worries, thanks for the response! i’ll just grab one on my next day off :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone! ive just installed os4.0, and after that reinstalled orac 2.0. I noticed that now the output bar at the top of the screen does not show any audio signal coming out of it while using Orac. With the other synth patches ive tried it works just fine.

I just flashed 4.0 following the instructions with a 64gb arcanite sd card – it looks good on my linux laptop, but when i put in in the organelle it stays at 99 percent loaded which seems to be an sd issue. any thoughts?

a) get a bigger SD card, make sure its fast - Ive used a 32GB I had lying around
(actually smaller are usually faster, so ideally use the smallest that has enough space for you - remember organelle os is currently using 4gb, so an 8gb card will mean you have 4gb for patches/samples etc)
b) install the Organelle image on this card, I use DD, but there are lots of tools that can do this, as @oweno mentioned
c) take the 4gb card out from your organelle and insert your new one
(this is cool, means you have a backup if this goes wrong :wink: )
d) power up organelle, all should be as before.

I guess i will try to reflash? all of the 4.0 files appear on it. how long should i give the starting 99% ? I gave it 30 mins to install. stlll 00 on a new card flashed, maybe i will see if is a 4,0 issue and downgrade. I am on 3,1 with the 4gb card and that boots. the flashing to nrew sd was good, all files there, no idea why it wont get past 99.

could it be the sd card? replashing didnt work

If it boots with the old SD card, this would indicate a problem with the newly flashed card. Are you able to plug the Organelle into an HDMI monitor or TV and see if any messages show up on the screen? You mentioned using the dd command to make the image, have you tried it using Etcher?

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yeah, I need to upload a few version of orac 2, due to a small change in mother.pd in OS4 (for vu-meter)

if you want a quick fix in the meantime, put this file in the Orac patch folder (replace the mother.pd that already exists in Orac folder)

mother.pd (23.4 KB)


Hi, congrats for the 4.0 update. But before taking the leap is there any detailed info about this specific release note item?

  • Numerous small tweaks and fixes.

Does it addressed speed or ram optimization and eventual slowness that may have occurred with os 3.1 and the ORAC system?

I have Organelle 1 v2 and I’ve completely forgotten that the system was on a microSD card and I’ve only put my focus on the USB stick and the patches. With system 3.1 upgrade I don’t remember I’ve had to flash the MicroSD card? Why the changes?
If I understand correctly, when updated all my patches stored in my USB stick won’t be affected, right?
Is there any big changes that will make some patches incompatible with os 4?

Many thanks for the precision,



Thanks very much for the reply! I will wait for the uploaded version. I was just mentioning the issue in case it was because of something I might had done wrong during the installation of the OS or Orac.

by the way, thanks also for all the time and work you dedicate to the organelle community :slight_smile: