Xjimmies 4 Note harmonizer [Dumas & Settel] 4 organelle~ MIDI controlled added


Hi Folks
As part of the pd code history project i am happy offer
This is a port of the famous Harmonizer by Dumas & Zack Settel from right around 2006

Please give it a go with vocals or whatever you like and let me know how she works
This one is super basic
4 knobs should switch between -24/24 two octaves
aux1 should set everything to flat
buttons 60-63 mute voices

for organelle~

I loved the Xjimmies when they came out and there are a few more really nice effects in the library that are next

The introduction to nSlam

The Downloads


Hi, I’m trying it with vocals.
I’ve found that to get any audio out, the output volume must be quite at maximum and that leads to saturation.
Also knob 1 is not changing any value and maybe it’s me but I don’t get to hear any significant change in the sound when I use knobs 2 and 3. Maybe I’m not using it properly.


it’s BETA and i was concerned about the output but i needed some other tests. Thanks and I’ll make some adjustments!



i think it was initially for +10 so i am going to adjust the adc~ and check the knob values


1 question. How are you sending vocals into it? If you are just plugging in a plain Microphone that might be a problem


here is an updated version


okay feed it a line for now
set the 4 knobs to 12 oclock
press AUX1 to set the harmonizers to 0
adjust for chords
once the bugs are squashed i’ll add midi and other controls
please test i tested with a david bowie clip acapella on youtube with my iphone fed into the line input on organelle~


midi version is in the works


currently got teh midi version scaling 60-83 -2400 2400
thanks to alexandre torres porres’ new cyclone code


the latest version w/o midi just in case of any dropbox bullshit
this is super low overhead so i am going to test different window settings and different delay periods soon. currently it’s set to 1000ms of “delay” on the delwrite~ line which could be a nice parameter to tweak for a cool effect

let me know how you all fare i would love some feedback after this


Giving this a shot later today!


here is the four channel harmonizer with midi control for the four hamronizers
so you can play your vocal or whatever into it [sounds best on a singular instrument or voice]
and then with the playing buttons play four different notes.
I made a slight adjustment so that each note is 100 cents by scaling values from 59-83 so dead center is 0 cents on the playing keys and each button is them 100 cents and it makes visualizing chords easier and i think it sounds rather nice


Awesome! Hyped to try this.


updated link in first post


Finally got to try this out last night. I love it! Some really great sounds and textures here. Thanks again for this @shreeswifty!


This looks very cool. Thanks @shreeswifty!


I’ve been tweaking it for a while i think it’s stable now. Enjoy!