Here is a Sampler of sorts

It has 8 flavors

Channel 1 is the raw input
Channel 2 is a Zack Settel nSlam Super Flanger
Channel 3 is a Sample&Hold
Channel 4 is Buffer Tweaker
Channel 5 is a Varispeed effect
Channel 6 & 7 are Samplers for Panning R&L
Channel 8 is a harmonizer with Random tones

The idea is you sample an incoming stream by pressing 83/82 stops the feed into the buffer if you don’t stop it it writes over it after 5 second

This one is too complex for a how to it’s going to need a video.

Nympphonie will give you a Left Field 'Prince of Denmark/Vril Giegling Abstract Ambient vibe

if you want it

it sound good if you run Techno into it .

It’s a BETA right now


it’s complex for sure. it makes some ace sounds. I’m just not sure how i’m getting those sounds.