Sampling in ORAC with NoriSampler

Hi everyone,

Just recently got my Organelle M and I love it. Been messing with it a bunch!

Today I got ORAC, and all seems to be normal, except for when I want to use NoriSampler. It doesn’t seem to let me record anything. The LED is Blue when I hold AUX, I don’t think that’s normal. Another thing to note is that when it’s in the C rack, it’s making this horrible looping ‘click’ sound.

It works perfectly outside of ORAC, if anyone could help me out, that’d be great!

Update to this,
Seems as though as soon as I open ORAC, the whole Input section freezes? Maybe it’s a CPU issue?
Everything else works great. I’ve been running Synths with reverb after reverb, with delays and everything. Just can’t seem to get an input.
@thetechnobear , is there anything I can do here? I feel like I’m doing something wrong.

Hey I’m curious as to how you’ve set your ORAC up.
In S1 you should have either a parallel or serial router.
Now depending where you place nori sampler (Slot A B or C) you need to go to the gain settings for that specific channel by scrolling in parallel or serial router until you find gain settings (I think it’s just before the MIDI settings. Increase the audio in gain to 100%. I think they’re all turned off initially to avoid feedback.

Not sure why opening ORAC would freeze the input section … If it is try create a blank preset and start from scratch.

Hope this is somewhat helpful

Thanks so much for this,
I got it working with the gain control. I didn’t realize channel gain options and input gain options were different. Just a slip of the mind.
I can finally do what I wanted with ORAC!
Something else I’ve run into is the 5 second limit for recording with Nori Sampler in ORAC… I’ve heard a few others have this issue too… do you know if there’s a fix for it?

Rad happy to help! Sorry but my knowledge with pure data is gutter level at the moment, had a look around on the forum and it seems like increasing the time can affect the quality of the sample (couldn’t find a real solution).

That makes a lot of sense. Always ways around it! I’ll just record the Nori Sampler to my daw at first, then run it through ORAC that way.

Thanks a lot!

Found this (not for ORAC) and have yet to test it still