16 bit 48 khz possible?

Hey guys :slight_smile:

Curious about one thing here:

  • Is the limitation on 44.1khz on Organelle related to the DAC only being able to process 44.1?

  • Or is it a developer set limitation, maybe for performance reasons?

I would really love to be able to run my Organelle at 48khz too. Would that be possible at all?


48k is possible, just change the setting in .pdsetting

… and yes, it obviously comes at 10% performance cost, so patches that are running fine on others ‘normal’ sample rate, might start glitching on yours.

fyi, the codec supports up to 96khz , but thats going to require over double the cpu resources.

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Ah great :slight_smile:

I assumed it was fixed to 44.1 since it only 44.1 is mentioned in the specifications on the webpage.


BUT the point of not having a flexible SR (and generally the same system) is that if I develop a patch/external and it runs well on my Organelle, it will also work the same on everyones… if you change your SR, all bets are off - it could run like a dog on your Organelle.
so if you change it, its imperative you remember… if you forget and report issues… its going to get messy :slight_smile:

similarly, testing is not done at alternative SR , so though it works, I guess its ‘not supported’

also Id actually advise (generally) against altering .pdsettings, all upgrades to OS will overwrite it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll try it out.

I am not so much worried about those things, I only want to shceck how much of a difference it does.