201 pocket piano malfunctioning?

I took my battery powered 201 to an open mic last night and after playing I couldn’t turn it off. I eventually held the power button for a really long time and it did shut off but now it won’t power on even when I plug it in. I tried brand new batteries and theres nothing in the manual or faqs about it. Occasionally when I plug it in or put new batteries the lights will turn on and shift from red to white to red and then it’s back to dead.

I’ve only had it a week…Is there some kind of factory reset I can implement??

Maybe try removing the SD card while it’s dead and reinserting it again? (Make sure it’s properly locked in)

I had a situation about a month ago when I plugged in an audio cable and the pressure blew out the SD card from its slot. Sent it flying about half a foot. It may not have been secured to begin with.

I have had a couple of situations when connected to audio & midi out where the PP will freeze and won’t respond to power off. In both cases I had to remove the batteries. Your situation seems worse though.

On the hardware front, it’s possible that you’ve got a faulty on/off switch, but I’ll defer to C&G for any warrantied recommendations.

This is the right move… I don’t know if it is in the manual, but pressing the power button for 5 seconds will shut it off (even if it was in a frozen state). At this point you should be able to power it on again. With low batteries it might become frozen again (do you recall if the power button was glowing red which indicates low battery?)

If it won’t power on with fresh batteries or the power cable, I’d try re-inserting the SD card. If that doesn’t work, you could try re-flashing the SD card (this is a factory reset). There are instructions for that here:


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You absolute life saver, the SD card removal seemed to do the trick!! I had now idea about the pressure situation… wild! Thank you so much.