Adding externals... help!


I’m pretty new to Pure data and linux, etc… I have a base in Max msp so that helps me creating patches but still not able to add externals on my patches, expecially the shadylib and freeverb, I did add them in the folder of the patch but still not working, but for some external (ex, Karplus-strong~) it has been added without a problem.

is there something I’m doing wrong??

Many thanks for your help/time!!!


do you mean you are editing the patches on the organelle?

Exactly, I made them on my computer and trying to implement them in the organelle, doing the final testing directly on it.


One important thing is to make sure that you have the external fo the platform you are using. Like windows, OSX and Linux(Organelle) all use different versions, so you can’t use the externals from Mac on Organelle.

Dunno if that might be the issue?

What is your computer running what operating system?

yeah but the problem is that there is no linux specifically made release, per example:

the freeverb~ object, there is only one release that I added on my pd with deken (in using osx sierra) but when I download the release on the external section of the pure data website and add it to the folder of my organelle patch, it is not recognised within the organelle patch.

Mac osx sierra, but the problem is not to run externals on my PD release on my computer but on the organelle itself!


that’s what i feared you were doing

lets put it this way

on OSX pd externals = external.pd_darwin
on osx pd externals = external.pd_linux
on windows pd externals = external.pd_.dll

yes there are specifically made freeverb.pd_linux objects you just need a linux machine to pull them down.

You can send me a message and i’ll offer some help



Do a search in this forum for “PD extended externals”. There you go, a BUNCH of externals ready and compiled ofr Organelle. And yes freeverb is among them.

don’t think you understand my problem here, I do have them in OSX, it’s my organelle that I can’t have them!

Ok thanks!,

Some of the externals i’m finding on the web seems to not have theses OS specific extensions, I suppose they are only coded and need to be compiled according to the right OS, is that right???

if so I need a way to compile them to linux externals and need help to do it.


@joelaw I understand the problem very well and I was trying to help your out. Seems like you are new to pd. So was I a while ago and I do undetand your frustrations…

AS I just posted above. DO a google search in this group… C&G have all ready compiled a bunch of externals for Organelle. And freeverb is among them…

Dont make it harder than it is :wink:

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@Wannop You shouldnt post the link… Some people need to learn to do a search… On their own.

… no need to have that tone,

There are other externals that I use that are not in the extended distribution.

I used freeverb as an example, shouldnt because its included in the extended distribution.

But will find out a way to compile them to limix externals.

Thanks you all for your help.

@sorry :wink:

But hey, it was just a search a way :slight_smile:

Yes not all externals are in C&G external pack but most of the “regular” ones are, so it is a good starting point.

Hope you find the rest too :slight_smile: