Hi! Introductions and basic structure help :)

Hello everyone!
This is my first post here, after lurking and reading for a few months while I was deciding if the Organelle was the right machine for where my music is taking me. The "thinking about it " period didn’t last very long, and now I am a VERY happy Organelle owner.
First and foremost I’d like to say that this community, and forum, is one of the nicest and most interesting online ,I am part (like I am sure most of you ) of several forums about synths and pro audio, and rarely we see the collaborative effort that goes on in here.
I am amazed by the skills of programmers to create amazing new patches , I have spent a few days now familiarising with the original Patches, and today I would like to start trying some of the patches created and discussed in here.
I have downloaded some of them, like the Space Echo emulation , and I have dowloaded the “extended” folder .
I would like to know how to proceed to make the new patches work : I have copied the extended folder in the Usb but it doesn’t seem to work. I have searched for a while in the forum but I don’t know what the “declare” object is and how to use this function. Sorry if this is very basic , this is my first venture into PD and I would like to learn the basics properly before attempting to make some patches myself.
Thank you!

Hello Stefano~

I’m learning all of this myself currently, coming from MAX/MSP-

I think the best way to interact with the Organelle and PD is to get a HDMI monitor, keyboard, and mouse. You could then troubleshoot your problems better. When loading a patch, you may see some errors in the console if it cannot find externals. The object will also have a dashed outline-

I’m not sure what externals the Space Echo patch needs… The README included with the pd_extended folder from C&G tells you about the Declare object:

[declare -path …/…/pd-extended/cyclone]

Which is this:
09 PM

I created a patch that needed the counter.pd_linux external, which was located in the cyclone folder and this worked for me. Find out which externals Space Echo needs and create the necessary Declare objects.

I think. Ha!

Thank you for your reply Alex,
I definitely want to learn more and do it properly with a screen and mouse-keyboard :slight_smile:
I am at the moment in a countryside place with no access to extra computer periferals besides my laptop, so I was wondering if there is also a direct way of loading the extra patches in the Organelle just from my laptop to the Usb , or I will always need to tweak PD with a computer , creating Declare objects and then using the patches?

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yes, place the folders you need inside your patch folder and point to them
99% of the time they are


but be careful cyclone & iemlib both have “gate” which can cause a bloody headache.

this painful knowledge provided free of charge --just the loss of hair i wish i had back :slight_smile:


HAHA thank you Shreeswifty, I see you are the most active Organelle hero so I believe you work HARD on this Knowledge !:slight_smile:I will try now the method you suggested, only one question, and again sorry if it’s a very basic one :once I copied the files in the patches folders , how do I "point " to them?
thank you again for your help!

declare -lib & declare -path nameoffolder