Advices for getting digital audio output from the Organelle (M)

Hi everyone, soon i will have to connect my Organelle M to a pair of speakers that only has optical/Toslink and ethernet/RJ45 inputs : one of each on both units.

i admit this is a first to me (i’m a bit lost), this would be for live performances so i’m looking for minimum latency., also i don’t want to buy a complete audio interface as i just need to use either 2 Toslink or RJ45 digital outputs

i found this USB-to-Toslink interface that appears to work on linux :

and a Toslink splitter (x2) :

i guess that would work easily so that’s my first option, but i would prefer using RJ45 instead, i just don’t know if it would be as simple to set up on Linux/Organelle…

if someone there could share some advices it would be much appreciated, thanks!

Why not use a analogue to Toslink converter? I have found them to be pretty good when I have used them for other applications.

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thanks :wink: because i would prefer not to add DA+AD conversions to the signal (since the Organelle is digital and can work with external soundcards), also because that would add latency… (i don’t know how much but i guess a little bit)

i bought the first box i linked in the first post (i didn’t try it on the Organelle but it should work after editing the Pure Data audio preferences) and i can say it’s pretty good, made of metal (or something like), feels like it’s solid (i tried 44.1 and 48khz only) ; the second one is not so good (surprisingly, as it’s the same brand), made of plastic, feels very cheap… (also, the second one isn’t usually required for running a pair of speakers, i connect the TosLink source to one speaker then i connect the speakers together using RJ45, so the second box is only useful for connecting 2 different pairs of speakers)


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Oh I see, I never noticed any latency but I guess it definitely makes sense to keep the signal in the digital domain.

You got me thinking now that I could try connecting the Organelle to my Roland MX-1 mixer PC input, I guess it would need ALSA drivers though, I wonder if someone has tried.

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the way to do this is to get a usb class compliant audio interface that has digital outputs.

Ive previously posted how to use alternative audio interfaces with the Organelle, see below (applicable to both 1 & M) - Ive used this quite a lot to interface with eurorack via an Expert System ES-8, and also occasionally to record digitally to a Zoom H5.

note: as my post mentions, this will likely increase latency slightly - because of the usb overhead. … but its still very useable.

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