How to record Organelle on computer?


I didn’t find the answer on the forum so I need your help.

Can someone tell me what components are needed to connect the organelle to a computer and record on a daw?

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You will need an audio interface - I use a Behringer UCA202 (almost the cheapest of the cheap) and hook my two line outs from the Organelle into the UCA202 RCA inputs using the appropriate connector. There are however many options of audio interface.

Thank you very much! Good day!

I was wondering about this too. Are there any other decent ways to go into a DAW? If you just use the quarter inch outs it’s only left or right? Am I wrong about that or am I thinking of my OP-1?

i would assume you connect the 2 1/4 inch outputs to 2 1/4 inch inputs on a soundcard

Or use a stereo 1/8 cable from headphone out to Line in on an internal card

or hold it up close to the Built in mic and play it

i think any of those three will work


I use these , to directly connect organelle outputs to other hardware
(There are many variations)

You can connect to anything that has an (preferably stereo) input.
As mentioned on another thread, I’ve occasionally with some other devices, had ground noise - but not sure if organelle was the culprit or the other device - if that happens I use an external mixer.

If you amplify an inductor while using a cable plugged into an output as an antenna with the amplified inductor nearby…