Porting code from Processing :-)

Hey guys,
I Made quiet a few Audio Visualizing sketches in Processing over the last couple of years,
and I would love to re-code some of them for the EYESY.
Since I am a professional musician, BUT an amateur coder…
I’m trying to understand my new “limitations” with pygame and the ETC and so on…

I am looking for the best starting point to learn about the ETC and it’s “methods” etc.
Is there some sort of reference?

Can I implement FFT on the incoming audio?
in processing, I used the ‘sound’ library but am clueless about it in python.

Really looking forward to develop and share some new modes.
Help will be much appreciated :-)))

There is a good video tutorial explaining how to code for the ETC…

“Programming the Critter and Guitari ETC” https://youtu.be/0ZRIyHOIKGo

Kirk Kaiser, the person who made that video, also has a book about programming:

I do also recommend the USB WiFi Adapter if you’re coding for the ETC, It’s a helpful tool.


Thanks :-))

Can I use additional libraries except pygame?
if i need audio analysis ?
does Lua or openFramework provide such functions?

have a great day