Any word on when the Organelle will be available again?

Is there any word on when the Organelle will be available again?

Hi, Thank you for your interest. Not at this time.

Well, I have the original Organelle and a 201 Pocket Piano. I had thought about getting the Organelle with the speaker when I saw your Black Friday sale but I guess I’ll have to wait. I hope the Organelle comes back at some point maybe with an update to a faster processor. It’s a nice device. Thanks for making it available!


Nice is kind of an understatement I think…Organelle is a totaly wonderful device!

Yes, I suppose “nice” isn’t adequate to describe the Organelle. I hope the series continues beyond the M and S.

Yeah, I wonder if there is an even a ballpark estimate for new organelles…
Just so those of us waiting can make other purchasing decisions if we know it’s going to be more than another year for example.

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Definitely not another year. We’d like to have something available in the next few months, hopefully in time for boiling maple syrup, which makes for great sampling.


something new?? :slight_smile:
Ah!, greetings from Jam Syntotek (Stockholm)


Is there a way to be notified when you have stock please? Any suggestions welcome if there isn’t a notify function.

With love,

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