Basic questions about the organelle...request for help

Hello. I already own a pocket piano and love it, but want something more now…the organelle m. I love C&G because I really can’t find anybody else that puts a workable speaker in the actual unit. I busk with it so battery power and a speaker are a must. My questions are basic. 1) the foot pedal- I know it can be used like a loop pedal, but can it also be used as a basic start/stop pedal for saved beats or sequences…like on a drum machine? 2) Can you save a number of beats and sequences on the actual organelle unit? As opposed to having to save things on a computer? Thank you! -Jake

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Some patches have a foot pedal stop/start mechanism. For many C&G patches the foot pedal acts as a press of the aux button which is often used to record, play and stop sequences.

Yes depending on the patch you can store beats and sequences.

One word of caution: the inbuilt speaker is not loud enough for busking by itself.

I will second the speaker isn’t sufficient. Maybe look into a Minirig speaker to pair with it

Very helpful. Thank you! About the speaker. With the pocket piano, everything I do on it is in the background- arpeggios and drones usually- and my acoustic guitar or accordion are the foreground. The speaker on the pocket piano is great for me. Do y’all know if the organelle speaker is the same? Thanks again for the input.

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The Organelle M’s speaker is larger in size but has the same wattage rating as the Pocket Piano (3W).

Thank you. That’s great news. The pocket piano speaker has worked great for my purposes. I’m not opposed to using another speaker, but for busking, a small, self-contained unit really excites me! Because there are not many small synths out there with a speaker you can actually hear. Thanks to everyone who has replied to my questions.